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Fiberpipe is the sole manufacturer in Sub-Saharan Africa of Flowtite™ glass fibre reinforced (GRP) pipes and fittings. We manufacture pipe and fittings locally for the use in potable, raw, sea, industrial, waste, sewer and bulk water applications.

Our Mission is to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of GRP pipes and fittings to users, owners, installers, traders and utility managers in civil engineering, mining, industrial, and agricultural market segments located in Sub- Saharan Africa as well as the Indian Ocean Islands.

Our financial goals will be achieved through intensive focus on quality products, excellence in customer service and manufacturing efficiency.

Our Vision is to be the preferred supplier of piping solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa through our GRP product range.

Our Products:

FLOWTITE™ is Fiberpipe’s leading product for water, sewage and industrial applications. The FLOWTITE™ pipe system is manufactured from glass fibre reinforced polyester. The production method is a continuous filament winding process. The GRP systems are a cost effective piping solution. The pipes are corrosion free and have a proven resistance to acidic environment in water and sewage systems. They are lightweight and therefore easy to handle. FLOWTITE™ pipes and fittings are suited to several applications such as Potable water transfer, Fire fighting, Sea and desalinated water, Power plants, Chemical and industrial wastes, Sewer and irrigation.

These locked joint systems are also successfully used in municipal water, cooling water and pressure sewerage systems in combination with FLOWTITE™ pipes to avoid thrust blocks.